WWES Counselor


- 765.478.3622


- B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, Penn State University, 1980

- M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, The University of Arizona, 1984

- M.S.W. Social Work, IU, 1992

- Licensure: A.C.S.W., L.C.S.W., and L.M.F.T

- Licensed School Social Worker-Dept. of Education


Mr. Doug Jamison

As an elementary school counselor I see students for a variety of reasons.  They may need help in a particular class, have an issue controlling their temper, have a problem getting along with a peer, or may simply have been a witness to a situation that I need to investigate.  I encourage you to contact me at any time for any type of issue with your child that you feel I could help with. If I am unavailable a confidential message can be left on my voicemail or you can send me an email.


It is always my goal to get to know every student from every grade level at WWES.  I am involved with supervision in the gym in the mornings, I teach lessons in all classes on topics such as bullying prevention, I provide focused group activities, and often eat lunch with students.  I do enjoy seeing the other side of students as they play during recess as well.  Sometimes I am the go-between for issues that occur outside of school – issues that may affect a child’s performance or daily routine at school.  These typically are emotional issues that could revolve around conflicts, separations, custodial battles, divorce, grief and loss, or other issues involving family life. 


Please feel free to contact me through email or by calling the school if you have any questions or concerns.

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